Fascia Renewal (Capping & Repairs)

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Fascia Renewal

Fascia Renewal is an amazing way to bring style, freshness and a stunning new-modern-look to tired old timber Fascia’s.

And On Top of this Fascia Renewal:

  • Protects existing timber Fascia’s from the extremes of Queensland’s unpredictable weather.
  • Covers blemishes in your existing timber Fascia’s, and ultimately
  • Strengthens and extends your roof life.

Now Let us talk you through your 2 Fascia Renewal Options!

Colorbond Metal Fascia Capping (Option 1)

Metal Fascia Capping better protects your home or business property from the harsh Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast weather – all areas we proudly service!

OzGutter Pro’s premium yet affordable Colorbond metal covers will:

  • Shield your roof from the harsh sun
  • Protect your roof from wind / rain, and
  • Better protect you from animals and nasty insects.
Get the:
  • Stylish
  • Fresh, and
  • Stunning New-Modern-Look
With our Metal Fascia Capping by Getting a Free Quote Now

OZGutter Pro do Guttering Replacement for:

  • Our Fascia Covers will easily hide any existing blemishes and scratches on your old timber roof.
  • Our Fascia Covers come in a the widest range of colours, styles and finishes on the market, and
  • You can easily mix, and match Fascia Covers to perfectly complement your exterior and give your façade a makeover!
Best of All:
  • You don’t even need to paint your roof!
  • We will install the metal capping directly onto the existing timberwork, and
  • We will also prepare your Fascia, fill any holes and even replace sections where needed.
Our Industry Leading Colorbond Guarantee

We 100% Guarantee that any Colorbond finish will not crack, fade or peel for at least 15 years – that should give you total peace of mind that Colorbond will go the distance and last years, years and years!

OzGutter Pro are the Market Leaders in Metal Fascia Capping

With over 45 years experience in Metal Fascia Capping Oz Gutter Pro will definitely help you:

  • Contacting us with any Questions, Queries or Concerns about Guttering Replacement, or by
  • Getting Your Free Quote Now!

Fascia Painting (Option 2)

Fascia Painting is a more budget friendly alternative to Metal Fascia Capping but never let the price mislead you…

Because Fascia Painting may be less expensive but:

It Can Still Make a Huge Difference in Giving Your Property The:

  • Stylish
  • Fresh, and
  • Stunning New-Modern-Look

That you crave!

If you are looking to Replace your Gutters then Fascia Painting is a great option because:

Installing new Gutters over old timber is nothing but a ticking time bomb!

If your Fascia is not in optimal condition, your Guttering could come away in the next big Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast (all areas we service) storm


If you paint your Fascia before setting up the new Gutters, they will last you for many years to come!

Our Industry Leading Workmanship Guarantee

We give you a 10 year Workmanship Guarantee on all our Fascia Painting jobs – to give you total peace of mind!

OzGutter Pro are the Market Leaders in Fascia Painting

With over 45 years experience in Fascia Painting Oz Gutter Pro will definitely help you:

  • Contacting us with any Questions, Queries or Concerns about Guttering Replacement, or by
  • Getting Your Free Quote Now!

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OzGutter Pro Fascia Renewal (Capping & Repairs) Process

During our first Fascia Renewal (Capping & Repairs) consultation we will:

  • Make a decision as to whether “replace” or simply “refurbish” Fascia
  • Discuss and make a choice together on your preferred colour scheme, and ultimately
  • Choose the “right” colour that best suits the age of your property, the current property exterior and your aesthetic vision!

Family Run, 100% Fully Licensed / Insured and with Over 45 years experience in Fascia Renewal…

OZGutter Pro will then:

  • Prepare your roof and ensure it is in optimal condition for Colorbond Covers or Fascia Painting
  • Remove old Guttering and scrape any excess build-up off the Fascia, and
  • Always (as we work) make sure to protect your tile roofs to avoid any damage.

Providing a 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee on All Fascia Renewal Jobs…

For Metal Fascia Capping OZGutter Pro will then:

  • Measure your roof to make sure that the Colorbond Covers will fit the existing Fascia board
  • Removing Guttering, and
  • Prepare the Fascia to ensure the surface is smooth and ready for installation of the Colorbond custom capping.

For Fascia Painting OZGutter Pro will then:

  • Fill up any holes and repair the parts of the Fascia that are rotten
  • Reinforce any sections of the Fascia that are weak and pulling away, and
  • Once we have laid the groundwork and thoroughly prepared your roof, we will paint it!

And Never Worry About Rubbish, Debris and Old Guttering…

Because OZGutter Pro will always do a full site clean up upon completion of your job - leaving your property spick and span for you to ultimately…

Enjoy Your Home’s New Fresh, Stylish and Modern Look!

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